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Be the Revolution You Seek - All We Need is Our Voices!

Recently, I watched poet and teacher Clint Smith’s Ted Talk, The Danger of Silence. The message struck me so hard; I showed my government students the video clip. I then asked them to write a story about when they were silent to injustice and what they wish they had done. Later in a quiet moment after a hectic day, I read my students papers and their voices jumped off the pages.

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Why We Fight

I’ve often been asked – why get involved?  Why do I testify in front of the school board? Why do I talk to school officials? Why do I attend union meetings? The response I give is simple. On the most basic level, I do it for my daughter and all the other kids whose entire lives will be changed for better or worse by the quality of public education.

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Waiting for the School Bus on My Son’s First Day of First Grade

Arriving at the bus stop with my first grader for the first day of school this past week, I asked him if he was nervous.  His response, “no, mom, it is just like last year and I will be fine.”  He must have sensed that I was nervous, and he was doing his best to calm any fears as we waited for the bus together.  The bus driver was the same wonderful woman as last year, which increased his positive transition back to school.

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