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Thank You for Trying to Fix Stupid; I Certainly Couldn’t

There’s a common meme in American culture – “you can’t fix stupid” – but it’s a lie. You can fix stupid, and education employees are just about the only ones trying to do it.  

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If ALL Educators Voted…

As educators, it is our duty to advocate for our students, and one of the best ways to do that is to hold the people who write our education laws accountable. If ALL educators voted, can you imagine how much power we would have? 

Often times we feel powerless over decisions that are made outside of our classrooms and school buildings, but we have the power to make a difference in every election. 

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Elimination of Elementary Early Mondays – Time to Talk Back

FEA has been hearing feedback about the end of early Mondays before it was even implemented.  We cautioned the administration about potential roadblocks, hurdles, and implementation issues. 


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